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This certification is the latest advancement made by Coherent Technologies in its capability to take innovative laser radar concepts and develop them into high quality products for airport, defense and meteorological applications.
July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Hella's use of laser radar in adaptive cruise control (ACC) technology soon may find its way into North American vehicle programs, company officials predict.
Laser Radar System Used in the CREDOS Project of EUROCONTROL
Spectrum's commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) SDR-4000 platform provides DSC with high performance real-time processing in a low power, small form factor configuration ideal for our laser RADAR," said Ken Belsley, Chief Scientist at DSC.
As part of a multi-faceted approach to active safety, Toyota Safety Sense packages combine laser radar (C package) or millimeter-wave radar (P package) with a camera, achieving high reliability and performance.
The new Fanbeam laser radar sensor from Renishaw's Spatial Measurement division provides repetitive, high-accuracy dynamic positioning (DP) to offshore support vessels (OSV) and other marine structures.
Google's robo-cars contain $150,000 worth equipment including a $70,000 laser radar system.
The ideal sensor is a kind of Laser Radar using laser scanning range finder sensor which is called Laser Range Finder.
ALF says that it specializes in manufacturing high-quality laser radar jammers for all car models and with global specifications, as well as accepting ODM/ODM orders.
The 41 papers consider such topics as signal processing in the multi-component Raman spectra of particulate matter, detecting and classifying organic and organophosphorus analytes on soil from reflection-absorption spectroscopy, a high-resolution two-dimensional laser radar for viewing and identifying occluded hard targets, a pyramid-based block of skewers for pixel purity index for end-member extraction in hyperspectal imagery, a computer tomographic imaging spectrometer and a snapshot hyperspectral imager and polarimeter, wavelength selective bolometer design, spectral signatures of acetone vapor from ultraviolet to millimeter wavelengths, and the three-dimensional deconvolution of vibration corrupted hyperspectral images.
Supported Nikon metrology devices include Laser Radar, K-Series optical CMMs configured with scanners and probes, MCA II articulated arm configured with scanners and probes, and the iGPS.
Richmond works in the private sector developing laser radar technology.