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And building on its expertise in laser tracking technology, NIST teamed with industry partners to develop a commercial device to verify laser tracker accuracy.
Brett Green, sales and marketing director from Hexagon, said: "Combining the relative benefits of automation, combined with our laser tracking technology, can bring real benefits to processes where both point and path-following accuracy is important.
8226; Track-on-Glass Sensor — The high-definition sensor offers users the ultimate control with laser tracking of hand movements on even the most difficult surfaces, including glass, to allow for peak performance and increased productivity.
Laser tracking and a self-controlled robot enables X-Scan to automate inspection following the weld run.
Laser Tracking System Hexagon Metrology has launched the latest generation of the Leica T-Scan.
The car also includes GPS, stereo cameras, radar and light detection and ranging laser tracking.
Just yesterday, we received information about Nissan working on the Leaf driverless vehicle concept (Read about it here), which also includes a host of laser tracking systems and sensors to assist in similar features that aim to reduce road accidents and fatalities.
Each pixel was transmitted by a laser pulse, with the pulse being fired in one of 4,096 possible time slots during a brief time window allotted for laser tracking.
The helicopter also has advanced missile, radar and laser tracking warning system.
Once produced, the left and right booms of the aft fuselage get married up using a laser tracking technique.
Currently, large-scale space nonorthogonal coordinates system are usually including theodolite measuring system, laser tracking system, articulated coordinate measuring machine, digital photogrammetry system and iGPS (indoor Global Positioning System) as mentioned in [1].
This project seeks to show how precision laser tracking systems can co-operate with radar tracking systems to detect and then pin-point space objects.