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a strong durable closely woven fabric used for shoe uppers, etc.



(Russian lastink), a satin-weave cotton cloth that resembles satin in appearance but differs in that the smooth finish of the outer surface is formed by the warp and not by the weft.

Lasting is a light, silky, lustrous cloth. During final processing, it is mercerized and finished with softeners. It is manufactured in solid colors and, less often, in prints. It is used for linings, shirts, and dresses.

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These narratives banish the lingering suspicion that all Scots were Jacobites and savages inassimilable by Britain, but only at the cost of aligning "self-control with commerce, modernity, and England, and sensibility with feudalism, the pastoral, and Scotland," a division that reveals a Britain lastingly "divided and divisive" (56).
It might also make a weakening of the yen to 100 against the dollar more palatable to Washington, if successful negotiations lastingly opened up Japanese markets to more US products.
And then there are certain places, certain weathered old restaurants that, like mountains or canyons, hold some essence of who we are, and we are lastingly grateful.
Unlike Cost, I believe that Clinton did lastingly pull my party back closer to the center on crime, welfare, religion in the public square, fiscal policy, national defense, and more.
Eliminating such bunching opens up potential optimisation and contributes lastingly to the energy efficiency of data centres.
Within a chapter it's clear that Anshaw has written not only a funny, smart and closely observed story, but also one that explores the way tragedy can follow hard on celebration, binding people together even more lastingly than passion.
Even if its origins cannot be traced to Greek civilisation, Europe was still 'forcefully and lastingly influenced by Graeco-Roman antiquity'.
The events of the past days and weeks have shown that this trust and therefore my influence have been lastingly damaged," he said.
Millions of lives around the world were changed lastingly by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago.
Indeed, not only was Dick a major contributor to understanding the behavior and learning issues of EBD students through his own research, his influence has been equally and lastingly felt through mentoring of his students and colleagues, and their research.
Here comes the science - the exclusive Colour-Fil Shine technology, allows the texture of Gloss d'Armani to be compared to a weave that gently and lastingly adorns the lips.
An economy the size of China can only benefit lastingly from open trade if it invests in the rules and disciplines of the world's trading regime," he stated.