latch plate

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key plate, escutcheon, 1
1. A protective plate surrounding the keyhole of a door, a light switch, etc.; also called a scutcheon.
2. A flange on a pipe, used to cover a hole in a floor through which the pipe passes.
3. A protective or ornamental cover at the termination of a post, picket, or rail against a tread, floor, or wall.
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The ELR will lock immediately upon initiation of the pulse thus making the length of webbing between the latch plate and the D-ring fixed.
But if you do all that and there's still a problem, your HMMWVs cargo shell forward latch plate assembly may have failed.
In case one of its component parts, in particular the latch plate, can not endure the load that was derived by the motion of an occupant during an impact, the safety belt system can not play the role of a restraining system anymore.
Fix latch to closing strip on right-hand door and latch plate to a block of wood on left door.
Most dishwashers have an adjustable latch plate centered at the top of the frame (Photo 11).
But most air leaks occur because the door has sagged, has loose hinges, rubs against the frame, or has a loose latch plate.
When your door doesn't stay shut, the latch is usually out of alignment with the latch plate (often called the "strike" plate).
Other important features include rugged die-cast handles with 3/8-inch thick padlock hasps, welded hinges and a 3-point locking system with 3/8-inch latch rods and 3/16-inch latch plates.