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Those conditions of weathering that lead to removal of silica and alkalies, resulting in a soil or rock with high concentrations of iron and aluminum oxides (laterite).



the process of profound and prolonged weathering of aluminosilicate rocks, leading to the formation of laterites in humid tropical and subtropical climates. It is characterized by intensive removal of silica (SiO2) and bases of Na, K, Ca, and Mg, on the one hand, and the accumulation of oxides of Al, Fe, and Ti in the residual rocks, on the other.

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Although the reason for this is not clear, some linguists (Chomsky, 1965; Lenneberg, 1967; McNeil, 1966) have attributed this phenomenon to the laterization of the part of the brain that is used for language acquisition.
The terms latosol formation and laterization have been used to describe the formation of iron oxide-rich soils or horizons in environments where ferralitic weathering takes place.
But, as emphasized earlier, laterization has concealed most of these observations.