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emulsion of a polymer (e.g., rubberrubber,
any solid substance that upon vulcanization becomes elastic; the term includes natural rubber (caoutchouc) and synthetic rubber. The term elastomer is sometimes used to designate synthetic rubber only and is sometimes extended to include caoutchouc as well.
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) in water (see colloidcolloid
[Gr.,=gluelike], a mixture in which one substance is divided into minute particles (called colloidal particles) and dispersed throughout a second substance. The mixture is also called a colloidal system, colloidal solution, or colloidal dispersion.
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). Natural latexes are produced by a number of plants, are usually white in color, and often contain, in addition to rubber, various gums, oils, and waxes. Balata, caoutchouc, chicle, and gutta-percha are produced from natural latexes. Synthetic latexes may be prepared in two ways: the polymer may be prepared as an emulsion (emulsion polymerization), or the dry, powdered polymer may be dispersed in water. Both natural and synthetic latexes are widely used, especially in the production of rubber goods. Latex paints, sometimes called rubber-base paints, consist of a latex colored by the addition of a pigment.



the transparent, milk-white, yellowish brown, yellow, or orange contents of the latex vessels of plants.

A number of plants of the families Euphorbiaceae, Moraceae, and Compositae hold large amounts of latex, which contains (dissolved or suspended) carbohydrates, proteins, glycosides, salts, and essential oils. The characteristic components of the latex of gutta-percha-yielding and rubber-yielding plants are resins, gutta, and natural rubber. The latex of certain plants of the poppy family (Papaveraceae) contains large quantities of alkaloids. The latex of the papaya yields the enzyme papain.


Milky colloid in which natural or synthetic rubber or plastic is suspended in water.
An elastomer product made from latex.


An emulsion of finely dispersed particles of natural or synthetic rubber or plastic materials in water.


1. a whitish milky fluid containing protein, starch, alkaloids, etc., that is produced by many plants. Latex from the rubber tree is used in the manufacture of rubber
2. a suspension of synthetic rubber or plastic in water, used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber products, etc.


(language, text, tool)
(Lamport TeX) Leslie Lamport <>'s document preparation system built on top of TeX. LaTeX was developed at SRI International's Computer Science Laboratory and was built to resemble Scribe.

LaTeX adds commands to simplify typesetting and lets the user concentrate on the structure of the text rather than on formatting commands.

BibTeX is a LaTeX package for bibliographic citations.

Lamport's LaTeX book has an exemplary index listing every symbol, concept and example in the book. The index in the, now obsolete, first edition includes (on page 221) the mysterious entry "Gilkerson, Ellen, 221". The second edition (1994) has an entry for "infinite loop" instead.

["LaTeX, A Document Preparation System", Leslie Lamport, A-W 1986, ISBN 0-201-15790-X (first edition, now obsolete)].


(LAmport TeX) A document preparation system based on the TeX language developed by Leslie Lamport at SRI International. LaTeX provides a macro language for TeX that lets the user concentrate on the logical structure of the document rather than the format codes. See TeX.
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The incidence of latex sensitization in general population is about 1:100, and some groups at high risk have been identified such as patients with spina bifida and/or urogenital abnormalities, health workers and patients with a history of multiple surgical procedures or allergies to fruits.
The abundance of latex (containing alkaloids) in the green parts of the plant reinforces the idea that it produced and accumulated latex as a defense strategy against organisms such as virus, fungi and insects (Dubey et al.
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