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(of flower clusters) having loosely arranged parts


LAnguage eXample.

A toy language used to illustrate compiler design.

["Compiler Construction", W.M. Waite et al, Springer 1984].
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But she repeated no previous state at all in the lax disorder of her internal administration, a laxity that made vast sections of her area lawless beyond precedent, so that it was possible for whole districts to be impassable, while civil war raged between street and street, and for Alsatias to exist in her midst in which the official police never set foot.
Then, encouraged by this evidence of laxity in his officer, made bold to add, "A queer fish, sir.
In that dreadful perturbation of mind and laxity of body, to what remedy did I apply?
It is, if you permit the observation, most reprehensible laxity on your part.
But Fisher noticed that the laxity of the old squire was far less hated than the efficiency of the new squire.
He had never yet heard a young girl express herself in just this fashion; never, at least, save in cases where to say such things seemed a kind of demonstrative evidence of a certain laxity of deportment.
The registrar lamented on the laxity of the residents from Suba North Sub County which has the highest number of uncollected titles.
He said that no laxity would be tolerated in ensuring quality atmosphere to the policemen.
Shikarpur's famous Benazir Park has turned into a desolate piece of land owing to the laxity of the administration of the relevant authorities.
A similar situation exists between the director of a public limited corporation and a private concern in which the former is dealt with for any breach while the latter enjoys laxity.
SAN DIEGO -- The first randomized, sham-controlled study of a radiofrequency energy-based device for vaginal laxity showed a significant and sustained effect, and likely raises the bar on vaginal rejuvenation options, Suzanne L.
Laxity has crept into raceday procedure ONE of the few advantages in attending the racecourse is to see how the bookmakers are betting and view the horse in the flesh, but this is being rapidly eroded by an increasing failure to get horses into the paddock in reasonable time.