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(of flower clusters) having loosely arranged parts


LAnguage eXample.

A toy language used to illustrate compiler design.

["Compiler Construction", W.M. Waite et al, Springer 1984].
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Posterior capsular laxity was not different between GIRD and non-GIRD groups, and we found no significant correlation between posterior capsular laxity and IR changes.
As part of our routine checks, we have picked up the start of some cartilage damage, which has developed as a direct result of the ligament laxity.
Instrumented measurement of anterior laxity of the knee.
Older patients typically have greater eyelid laxity due to lateral retinacular dehiscence and loss of intrinsic elastic properties.
The laxity shown by the employers' organisation in its negotiations with the UGTT only strengthens our commitment to defend the interests of private sector workers to end up with a satisfactory salary increase," he pointed out.
He directed to speed up anti-dengue activities further and warned that no laxity would be spared in this regard.
The Prime Minister said that no laxity would be tolerated in this regard.
Summary: Lebanon's notorious laxity when it comes to the public's security has returned in force recently, with a spate of kidnappings and violence, including a fatal "road rage" incident that was caught on video.
Completed enrollment in the first ever randomized, sham-controlled, blinded study for vaginal laxity -- interim analysis planned in Q3
State Health Minister Anil Vij directed the authorities concerned to test the samples in the state laboratory and said the state government will not tolerate any laxity on the issue.
In 2007, Turkmenistan significantly accelerated its fight against drug crimes, after a long period of relative laxity under the former president, Saparmurat Niyazov.
NNA - "Tripoli is in no way a scene echoing events in Syria and Iraq," minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi, reiterated before interlocutors that the city shall not be subsumed into security laxity.