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(of flower clusters) having loosely arranged parts


LAnguage eXample.

A toy language used to illustrate compiler design.

["Compiler Construction", W.M. Waite et al, Springer 1984].
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Mr Laxly has been concentrating on building up Rover's dealership network within Germany from its base at Neuss, near Duesseldorf.
3 cm wide at base, suberect-recurved to subspreading, coriaceous, canaliculate, densely and coarsely adpressed white-lepidote near the base and glabrous toward the apex on both sides, but adaxially sometimes completely glabrous, abaxially nerved, greenish-red to dark red, margins laxly spinose, spines subtriangular, complanate, distinctly antrorse-uncinate, 1.
5 cm wide at base, ca 2 mm thick near the base, thick-coriaceous mainly toward the base, arcuate to nearly spreading, slightly channeled mainly toward the apex with a semicircular curve in cross-section to nearly flat, greenish-bronze colored, abaxially densely and coarsely white-lepidote, nerved, adaxially densely white lepidote at base only and glabrous toward the apex, apex long attenuate-caudate, margins subdensely to laxly spinose, spines narrowly triangular, acicular and pale castaneous toward the apex, 1.
Rana') inflorescence but many species of the genus have openly branched and laxly flowered inflorescences like the new species described below.
12, suberect to spreading at anthesis, forming a laxly round rosette; sheaths subreniform, 2-2.
5 cm wide, with a sterile base 1-5 cm long bearing a single sterile bract at the base, with sterile bracts at the apex, slightly recurved; rachis green, strongly geniculate, lepidote, laxly and distichously 8 to 12-flowered; floral bracts ca.
Inflorescence laxly paniculate, broadly pyramidate, tripinnate at base and bipinnate toward the apex, 65-70 cm long, 20-45 cm in diameter at base, erect, rachis white lanate but soon glabrous, dark purple-wine, rugulose, straight to slightly flexuous near the apex, 1-1.
The two species have relatively broad leaves and showy pink flowers, but Lindmania vinotincta differs by having laxly flowered elongated branches to 44 cm long (vs.
5 cm long, laxly (at base) to subdensely (at apex) flowered, rachis straight, margins angular, dark purplish-wine to blackish, glabrous, 2-2.
Inflorescence simple, laxly many-flowered, fertile part to 35 cm long, glandular puberulent, green.
Leaves medium green, shining, appearing glabrous but very minutely and laxly lepidote abaxially, abaxially distinctly nerved when dry; leaf-sheaths ovate, pale green, minutely lepidote with brownish trichomes, 6,57 x 3-3,5 cm, distincly nerved when dry; leaf-blades linear, acuminate, 17-26 x 1,5-1,8 cm.