layer 4

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Most likely, switch vendors will integrate Layer 4 load balancing functionality into their switch products.
The 8500 series gives you Layer 2 to Layer 4 intelligence in a Layer 2 switch," adds Yim.
Nasdaq:FFIV), the leading provider of Application Traffic Management solutions, today announced that its IP Application Switches have generated the best Layer 4 and Layer 7 results in competitive performance testing.
The new custom ASIC is the first in a family that provides the industry's fastest processing of Layer 4 traffic.
Nasdaq:FDRY), a leading provider of high-performance switching, routing and Web traffic management solutions for enterprises and service providers, today announced that the latest survey conducted by the Dell'Oro Group shows the ServerIron(R) Layer 4 - 7 Web Switch product family extended its number one overall position into Q1, 2002 based on port shipments.
The deployment will include Foundry's NetIron(R) Internet routers, BigIron(R) Layer 3 switches, ServerIron(R) Layer 4 - 7 Web switches, and FastIron(R) 4802 Layer 2/3 switches.
Integrated granular bandwidth management features include the ability to apply bandwidth policies at wire speed based on port, port plus priority, or Layer 4 session flows identified by source or destination IP address, source or destination TCP/UDP port numbers and protocol type.
Foundry is the only vendor to offer a complete range of Layer 2/3 switching products for the edge, complemented by the industry's strongest backbone Layer 3 switches, Internet routers and Layer 4 through 7 network traffic management switches.
Products that focus on Layer 4 switching can see up to 80% performance degradation when Layer 7 features are enabled.
From Layer 4 (transport) to Layer 7 (applications) the company will harness is technological landscape to generate revenue at the edge of the network.
The new ServerIron400 and ServerIron800 Layer 2 - 7 switches integrate the industry's highest performing Foundry switching/routing chassis platforms with the rich Layer 4 - 7 features of the Foundry Internet IronWare software suite.