layer 4-7

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layer 4-7

The two layers in a network packet that identify its content (for details about layers, see TCP/IP and OSI model). The bottom layers 1, 2 and 3 are the protocols that move a network packet from source to destination. Layers 4 and 7 identify the application that created the packets as well as the specifics of the request. For example, inspecting layer 4 can identify HTTP traffic (Web traffic), but inspecting layer 7 can determine what the HTTP request is for (see Web switch). See layer 4 switch and well-known port.

TCP/IP SWITCHING/ROUTING DECISIONSLayer and      ForwardingProtocol       DecisionInspected      Based on

  2 - Ethernet   MAC address

  3 - IP         Network address
  3 - IP         Service quality

  4 - TCP/UDP    Traffic type
      socket     (HTTP, FTP, etc.)

  7 - HTTP       HTTP request type
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Mistletoe Technologies' patented RDX technology enables system manufacturers to intelligently process Layer 4-7 network data with a purpose-built application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to improve security and significantly increase performance, lower power consumption and reduce overall system cost.
Coyote Point's goal has always been to get affordable Layer 4-7 traffic management into the hands of as many people as possible.
SEATTLE -- Broad market adoption of F5's BIG-IP(R) v9 product fuels F5's unmatched revenue and market share growth in the Layer 4-7 Fixed and Total Ethernet Switch Markets
A newly published report by Dell'Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the networking and telecommunications industries, reveals that sales of Layer 4-7 server load balancing (SLB) switches increased three percent during the first quarter of 2005.
The 10GE LSM supports a broad portfolio of edge/core testing solutions for the most demanding test environments, including performance, scalability, and conformance testing of Layer 2-3 routing protocols; and its per-port PowerPC/Linux architecture facilitates high performance Layer 4-7 application layer testing.
A fully configured Equalizer E450si HA system with advanced server/network load balancing and Layer 4-7 content switching for unlimited virtual clusters with up to 64 servers per cluster and equipped with SSL acceleration and global server load balancing is priced at $13,700.
Nasdaq:FFIV), the global leader in Application Traffic Management, announced today that it has achieved the greatest worldwide market share and revenue growth quarter over quarter for the Layer 4-7 (L4-7) Ethernet Switch total(1) market segment.
Nasdaq:FFIV), the global leader in Application Traffic Management, today announced that BroadBand-Testing, a leading independent test lab specializing in the Layer 4-7 (L4-7) market, has deemed F5's BIG-IP(R) version 9 product the significant leader in its comprehensive comparative review of product performance.