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lazaret, lazarette, lazaretto, lazar house

A segregated area for infectious medical patients, esp. for their quarantine.
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But at the doorless entrance to the lazarette aft, he threw caution to the winds and darted in in pursuit of the new scent that came to his nostrils.
It was late afternoon, after discovering the girl in the lazarette, when Jerry again came on deck.
What did effectually withstrain him was the knowledge of the act which in the lazarette he had already determined to perform that afternoon down in the main hold where the water-casks were stored.
A gel-coat finished lazarette affords access to selectable tank manifold switches, as well as the sea chest, fuel filters and twin aft bilge pumps (a third pump is mounted forward).
La Cite serait un premier lieu de contagion, mais a l'interieur de la Cite se trouve un autre quartier sous haute surveillance, une colonie de pesteux, ce noyau dans l'espace concu d'ailleurs par Royal et nomme Lazarette.
There is an emergency steering station located at the access to the lazarette with a 21.