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1. a unit for measuring lengths of yarn, usually taken as 80 yards for wool, 120 yards for cotton and silk, and 300 yards for linen
2. a measure of yarn expressed as the length per unit weight, usually the number of leas per pound



a length or small skein of yarn used for determining the yarn’s thickness, tensile strength, and other properties. In the USSR a lea is usually 100 m long.

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Maybe this is my inner spiritual me breaking free," Lea thought, though she knew it wasn't true.
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Lea also points to some intricate modes of disciplinary control such as 'the activity of reporting on oneself and recording one's activities and self-evaluation' (69).
Die verhouding tussen Lea en Bastos ontwikkel onder andere wanneer hulle saam na die chinchillas omsien.
Esta Lea is uncomfortable with his role and starts to suspect he is stealing from the offering plate.
ar bapur mae bywyd wedi bod yn ffafriol tu hwnt i Lea, un o brif gymeriadau'r gyfres ddrama gyffrous Caerdydd, a ddarlledir nos Fercher am 9pm ar S4C.
LEA publishes more than 100 journal and scholarly titles, references and 200 new books a year under the imprints of Lawrence Erlbaum Associates and The Analytic Press.
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Under the city-wide reorganisation of schools, it has been proposed that Peter Lea Primary and Cantonian High Schools in Fairwater will be closed.
Lea, considers the speed and direction of winds at altitudes between 750 meters and 7,500 in above sea level during the month of July over six broad regions of the eastern Pacific Ocean, the North Atlantic Ocean, and the central United States.