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Given my 50 years of experience in the oil seal industry, it is very exciting to see that Bruker has come up with an innovative, non-contact measurement for shaft lead angle.
After war broke out in 1939, Draper began to build a device to compute lead angles for tank guns by adapting a gyroscopic turn indicator he had developed.
Taking into account the effect of lead angle into consideration only for the nodes on pressure flank, three dimensional analysis involved can be executed using two dimensional mesh pattern, with each node having three degrees of freedom.
TUCSON, Arizona -- Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) announced today the NPFLEX-LA[TM], the first non-contact, three-dimensional surface metrology system to provide quantitative lead angle and surface texture measurements for the control and reduction of fluid leakage of rotary dynamic sealing surfaces.
With a round in sert, there is really no "true" lead angle as it changes based upon the varying depth of cut.
Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of TB9080FG , a three-phase brushless motor pre-driver IC for general automotive applications, which realizes low-noise and highly efficient motor operation through a sinusoidal wave drive and lead angle control.
By adjusting the geometry of the insert design to introduce a more shallow lead angle of the cutting edge that produces a thinner chip, you also reduce the chip load per tooth significantly so that tools can be fed at what is frequently referred to as 'extreme' feed rates.
The new ProGrip toolholder line is available in 98 different insert and lead angle shank styles to accommodate cast iron, steel stainless steel, and heat-treated material applications.