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see artichokeartichoke,
name for two different plants of the family Asteraceae (aster family), both having edible parts. The French, or globe, artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is a thistlelike plant of which the globular flower heads are used in the immature state as a salad or vegetable;
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; beetbeet,
biennial or annual root vegetable of the family Chenopodiaceae (goosefoot family). The beet (Beta vulgaris) has been cultivated since pre-Christian times. Among its numerous varieties are the red, or garden, beet, the sugar beet, Swiss chard, and several types of
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(Beta cicla, B. vulgardis cicla), a biennial vegetable and ornamental plant. The leaves (leaf varieties) or the petioles (petiole varieties) are used in various foods. Ornamental varieties have beautiful curly, wrinkled leaves with variously colored petioles and leaf veins (mostly red or yellow). Chard is cultivated in Western and Southern Europe, the United States, and other regions. In the USSR it is seldom cultivated.

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We also need to start rows of things such as beetroot, early turnips and leaf beet spinach sown into the ground.
Plant: early-maturing carrots such as early nantes, swiss chard, leaf beet as well as tasty Japanese onions, which can easily be overwintered for an early crop of bulbs next spring.
Combine these with brilliant flashes of crimson-leaved beetroot or leaf beet Rhubarb Chard.
THE handling of uncooked green beans and the leafy vegetables Swiss chard and leaf beet may lead to asthma and rhinitis - inflammation of the nose membrane.
Leaf beets were extensively cultivated in ancient times by the Assyrians, Greeks and Romans.
While not as diverse, leaf beets for salads, root beets for cooking, fodder beets (better known as mangle-wurzle) for animals, and sugar beets to sweeten our palette all came from the bitter tasting wild beet.