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the loss of current from an electrical conductor because of faulty insulation, etc.

What does it mean when you dream about a leak?

If one dreams about something leaking out, then it can represent a feeling of being depleted or wasted energy. Water leaking into a sinking boat is often a straightforward reflection of a “sinking” feeling. Sometimes dreaming about a leak is a simple reflection of our need to wake up and “take a leak.”


(plant pathology)
A watery rot of fruits and vegetables caused by various fungi, such as Rhizopus nigricans in strawberry.

sound leak

The passage of sound through a crack or hole in a partition; significantly reduces the effectiveness of sound insulation of the partition.


With a qualifier, one of a class of resource-management bugs that occur when resources are not freed properly after operations on them are finished, so they effectively disappear (leak out). This leads to eventual exhaustion as new allocation requests come in.

One might refer to, say, a "window handle leak" in a window system.

See memory leak, fd leak.


Whether it is a leaky pipe or a bottle of soda, any type of a leak is usually a waste of energy and resources. If you are dreaming about leaks, you may want to consider where you are wasting energy and resources (be it in your daily life, emotional life or thinking). Additionally, look carefully at the entire dream and see if information is being “leaked” from the unconscious to the conscious. The leaking water may represent emotions, thoughts, or insights entering slowly into the conscious experience of the dreamer.
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Probes are available to detect leaks of R-1234yf, R-134a and CO2, as well as many other refrigerants.
Selecting a suitable leak detection system is not an easy task for pipeline operators.
Apparently, Hamade wanted to show that he is the mastermind behind the leak.
This is perhaps the reason why Aquaman Leak Detection has the best and highest rating with their customers - nothing less than 100 percent satisfaction with each one of them.
In so doing, it offers the potential to not only rapidly detect and locate large leaks, but also see smaller events that, over time, can lead to extensive environmental damage and clean-up costs.
Any leaks show up immediately, cutting down on waiting time.
The difficulty with leaks is the water could be entering in a number of positions then tracking to one central point and - to complicate matters - each of these positions could be contributing, so fixing one cause may not resolve the problem.
While pinched, cut, or missing o-rings and other assembly oversights share responsibility as root causes for water leaks, rusted and pitted o-ring glands are the main factor, since molds continue to be built and run with no thought to corrosion prevention in either mold design or maintenance practices.
The visual LED indicator assists the leak location procedure and the simple, one-handed operation enables multiple assignments effortlessly.
Leaks can be caused by ground movement, pipe corrosion, soil conditions, or pipesA damaged by contractors working underground, problems exacerbated by the heat and current regime of water cuts, Nicos Zambakides told the Cyprus Mail.
NEWHALL - A suspected natural-gas leak Thursday night that could be smelled more than five miles from the source proved to be the chemical added in small amounts to give the normally odorless gas its distinct scent.