lean mix

lean mix, lean mixture

1. A concrete or mortar mixture with relatively low cement content.
2. A plaster which is not workable.
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hardcore, hardcore on lean mix concrete, bitmac on stone and bitmac on 300mm deep concrete yard slabs.
A lean mix may be healthier for you but it can turn out to be very dry and not as tasty.
Two Gomaco Slipform Pavers are being used to lay the majority of the lean mix and pavement concrete on the main runway, north and south taxiways and several hardstandings.
quantities: 84 lf of 12" x 10" prec conc box culvert; 12" x 10" prec conc aprons, 4 ea; 189 cy granular bedding; 120 cy random riprap, cl iii; 18 cy lean mix backfill.
rEinforced concrete base to abutment will be cast on top of lean mix on top of excavated rock base.
Apply 100mm thick lean mix concrete to entire solum.