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Music a relatively large melodic interval, esp in a solo part


Language for the Expression of Associative Procedures.

ALGOL-based formalism for sets and associative retrieval, for TX-2. Became part of SAIL.

"An ALGOL-based Associative Language", J.A. Feldman et al, CACM 12(8):439-449 (Aug 1969).
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Let me be clear: taking a leap of faith can be terrifying.
Yet advisors, almost universally, talk about the move as a kind of leap of faith.
Draw for Saturday's Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy Stake final: 1 Big Bam, 2 Hats My Diamond, 3 Mutual Decision, 4 Leap Of Faith (m), 5 Black Cyclone (m), 6 Melodys Royal (w).
Flower (below) said: "In 2009 there was an opportunity to take the coach's job, so Hugh Morris gave me the chance to do it, which was a bit of a leap of faith on his part.
It was developed by Leap of Faith Technologies under a grant from the National Institute on Aging and a contract with the National Cancer Institute.
Fr Paul Haines, from Our Lady Help of Christians, in Kitts Green, with Tandem Skydive Instructor Ally Milne, was one of four priests from the Midlands who took a leap of faith this week to raise vital funds for sick, elderly and infirm priests of the Archdiocese of Birmingham.
He admitted people had concerns about the Lib Dems being "too young" and "too idealistic", but added: "I've heard these doubts and I say, take a leap of faith.
Leap of Faith": The mighty power of the pen holds me in thrall/This impulse to write I simply cannot stall/It took a blind leap of faith to answer the call/Now poetry has become my all in all.
When God presents you with a challenge, take a leap of faith.
It's a big leap of faith, but it's one we have no choice but to take.
I admit I was bluffing a little bit: I was taking a leap of faith.
It takes a leap of faith to rely on a higher authority called God to explain the unexplainable, and that is the essence of religion.