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And then, when we find it, we must burn it, just as Jews traditionally burn their leaven on the morning before the Passover seder.
Although it has been a constant danger, the leaven of religious corruption seems a particular danger to us now--every one of us and all of us together.
The gospel writers, while reciting for their scribes, came to the parable about the kingdom of God being like a mustard seed, and the writers could have simply forgotten to mention the next, pesky parable about the foolish, unclean woman who put unclean leaven in her dough and ruined the whole batch.
What role does air play in helping steam and chemical leaveners to leaven baked goods?
Today, with just months to go to that deadline, the Leaven Center is up -- and if not running at full speed just yet, at least toddling with all the exuberance of a tenacious, purposeful 2-year-old.
Leaven of Malice opens with the placement of a false notice of engagement in the local paper and examines the effects of the practical joke on those involved as they try to discover who placed the announcement.
This reality does not emerge out of law and order but bubbles forth from the cosmic springs of life as the Spirit of God permeates life as salt, leaven, and light.
The original commandment to eliminate leaven "found" in the home is linked to another verse which includes both that word and "search"; the second verse is linked to a verse which includes both "search" and "lamps," and that in turn is linked to the verse from Proverbs.
For example, the baking powder used to leaven the batter can add 100 milligrams per serving in the form of sodium bicarbonate.
Leaven the media's recent gushing over the passing of Ronald Reagan with the powerful and controversial movie The Reagans (Lions Gate Home Video), complete with the deleted scenes that made network execs so nervous.
If they do rule against hand holding," Archie Lower writes in the Leaven (October/November 1999), "I have a slightly devious suggestion: Let's touch toes, or at least shoes.
He said that a Santa Clara education prepares students to be ethical, socially responsible leaders who will leaven the Valley and the world beyond with knowledge, understanding, and virtues like wisdom.