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framed, ledged, and braced door

A framed and ledged door with the addition of one or more diagonal braces.
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The ministry has ledged a formal protest to the Iranian government, the
The dentate stamp vessel is an everted rim globular jar with sharply carinated and ledged shoulder.
District police officer, Muhammad Ijaz Khan said that two FIRs have been ledged, one by a CNG filing station owner and the other by the officials of Peshawar Electric Supply Company against the protesters.
The President thanked the development assistance ledged by Japan at the Donors Conference and the financial supports for the relief and rehabilitation of the IDPs in Pakistan.
A ledged outcropping serves as a picnic spot; a gazebo offers a quiet place to reflect.
Despite public statements by second-tier officials, the PA has never acknow= ledged the right of Jews to live anywhere in eastern Jerusalem, Judea, Sama= ria or Gaza.
It has reasonable tables and chairs, with bar stools around its ledged walls, and two television sets.
Are Dill and Van Engelen so close to their surf roots that the street-style wonder boys have forever sworn off the ledged world for the bounty of the backyard pool bonanza?
New beams in the lounge and dining hall have been aged to match originals and re-claimed timbers used for internal ledged and boarded doors.
Economist Tapogna acknow ledged that limiting the GRT to larger companies does mitigate some of the negative impacts of pyramiding.
A ledged and braced latch door leads to the formal gardens with slate chipped beds and a path winding between the beautifully shaped lawns.