Legal Right

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Legal Right


(Russian, sub”ektivnoe pravo), a specific right of a natural or juridical person; that is, the capacity, affirmed by law, to act in a certain manner and to require certain actions (or restraint from actions) on the part of other persons. Thus, a property owner may own, use, and dispose of his property and require that other persons refrain from infringement on his right. When a person’s legal right has been violated, that person has recourse to the coercive power of the state for the realization and protection of his right—for example, he has recourse to the courts.

As to the mode of protection, absolute and conditional rights may be distinguished. The possessor of an absolute legal right may require certain specific actions (or restraint from actions) on the part of an indeterminately broad group of persons. Thus, an author has the right to protect his work’s integrity; he may prohibit any person from making additions, deletions, or changes and may require the performance of actions necessary to the restoration of the right violated. The possessor of a conditional legal right may make claims only of a specific person or group of persons—for example, the creditor has the right to make claims of the debtor.

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The Food Security Bill is aimed at giving legal rights to 67 percent of the population for a uniform quantity of 5 kg food grains at a fixed price of Rs 1-3 per kg through ration shops.
I presume he means he has taken legal rights from the family and given them to the " people" and the State.
I would charge a minimum of PS25 for any bill or letter from any "civilised institution" which has to be translated into Welsh, and a further PS5 for informing them of the cost, in case they issue an "instruction" not to speak Welsh, which they may think they have the moral and legal right to do under their English law.
Mr Burnham, pictured below, said ministers were also considering whether to give patients a legal right to chose to die at home, and to access an NHS dentist.
If you die intestate, once prior and legal rights have been satisfied, everything that is left is divided between your relatives.
Care should also be given to properly address whether at-risk applies when there is (1) a lender with an interest other than as a creditor and (2) loss protection by legal right or agreement.
Winner of the Tripleprint Gold Cup in 1999, Tote Silver Cup in 2000 and Tommy Whittle Chase in 2001, Legal Right was last seen on a racecourse when finishing second in the 2002 Pillar Property Chase.
The fight to give animals legal rights barely registers on the environmental agenda, but perhaps it should.
The race was a cat-and-mouse affair for the first two miles with Legal Right and 2-1 second favourite Kingsmark put to sleep at the back of the field as Bindaree made the early running.
McCOY magic had happy Haydock punters singing the champion jockey's praises yesterday as he landed a dramatic win on Legal Right in the Tommy Whittle Chase.
JONJO O'NEILL has decided to bypass tomorrow's Tripleprint Gold Cup with Legal Right who heads for Haydock instead.
That would be state law, so the SysTrust practitioner faces 50 jurisdictions, each with the authority to determine the legal standard under which nonclients have a legal right to sue for negligence.

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