legitimate authority

legitimate authority


political legitimacy

any form of political rule in which the rulers successfully uphold a claim that they govern by right in accord with law, tradition or similar basis.

WEBER identified three ‘pure types’ of legitimate authority:

  1. legal-rational authority, resting on a belief in the legality of enacted rules and those achieving authority under these rules, e.g. elected representatives or civil servants;
  2. traditional authority, resting on an established belief in the sanctity of tradition and the acceptance of those chosen to rule in accordance with the customs and practices within this tradition, e.g. kings, queens or religious dignitaries;
  3. charismatic authority, resting on the devotion to an exceptional individual or leader and on the normative rules ordained by this individual, e.g. a prophet or warlord.

The last of these provides the dynamic or revolutionary element in Weber's overall account of political legitimacy. In the long run, how ever, e.g. after the death or departure of the exceptional teacher or leader, there occurs a routinization of charisma, and a reversion to traditional, or legal-rational, forms of authority. See also BUREAUCRACY, STATE, POWER, NATION STATE, SOVEREIGNTY, HOLMES, LEGITIMATION CRISIS.

References in classic literature ?
What degree of agency these reputed lawgivers might have in their respective establishments, or how far they might be clothed with the legitimate authority of the people, cannot in every instance be ascertained.
Legitimate authority to be, to do or to have; as the right
4 (BNA): Yemen's Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid Daghr has affirmed that "all the changes that have taken place in his country are in the interest of ending the Houthi coup and restoring the legitimate authority over Yemen's territory without exception, especially Sanaa.
Aden, Rabi'II 16, 1439, Jan 3, 2018, SPA -- Prime Minister of Yemen Ahmed Obeid Daghr has affirmed that all the changes that have taken place in his country are in the interest of ending the coup and restoring the legitimate authority over Yemen's territory without exception, especially Sana'a.
Hariri Support Group: Lebanon's stability, support for legitimate authority a priority -Al-Diyar: Mohammed bin Salman: Khamenei is Hitler, Hariri a Sunni Muslim- will not give cover to Hezbollah Tehran: Al Saud Princes agents of Israel, rejected dialogue, leading Saudi Arabia towards collapse -Al-Anwar: Egypt avenges victims of terrorist massacre in Arish -Al-Sharq: Aoun: No intractable crises for us -Middle East: Efforts to reconcile between Hariri, Geagea -Al-Akhbar: Government fate on table of deliberations -Al-Arabi Al-Jadidi: Massacre of Sufism Mosque: Biggest terrorist organization crime in Egypt -Al-Bina'a: Massacre in Sinai, attempt to assassinate al-Mashnouq, Mrad .
AMMAN - Jordan reaffirms support to legitimate authority in Yemen in its efforts to restore security and stability in the country.
Nawaz Sharif is willing to betray nation and malign his late father and children just to remain in power despite all loss of moral and legitimate authority,' he said.
Abu Yousef stressed that there cannot be a Palestinian state without the Gaza Strip, calling on Hamas to make the national interest as its top priority over its own party interests and to return to the fold of the legitimate authority represented in the PLO.
Moscow has been conducting airstrikes against ISIL targets in Syria since September 30, following a request from President Assad, whom Russia recognizes as the legitimate authority in the country, stressing that Syrian people should be free to chose their leadership without outside intervention.
Rycroft called on other Member States to "cease support to, and official contact with, any parallel Libyan institutions outside of the agreement that claim to be the legitimate authority.
The rival governments claim to be the legitimate authority for the state-run National Oil Corporation, though international oil traders have mostly avoided breaking with current contracts with the NOC based in Tripoli.
Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces on Tuesday said they were ending their campaign of air strikes against Al Houthi militiamen who toppled the legitimate authority in Yemen, in favour of a political solution to bring peace.