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act of giving the status of legitimacy to a child whose parents were not married at the time the child was born. This is generally accomplished by the subsequent marriage of the parents. Under the common law, legitimation by this process was not allowed, although that rule came under the displeasure of the church. It was not until 1926 that a statute was passed in England allowing legitimation by subsequent marriage. In the United States, legitimation by subsequent marriage is the general rule. In some states there are, moreover, special judicial proceedings for the legitimation of a child. In other states one or both of the parents may adopt the child. See bastardbastard,
person born out of wedlock whose legal status is illegitimacy. In civil law countries and in about half the states of the United States, the union of the parents in marriage after birth makes the child legitimate.
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the manner and the process in which a STATE or POLITICAL SYSTEM receives justification. See LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, LEGITIMATION CRISIS.



(1) In bourgeois states that do not have a passport system legitimation is a way of establishing a citizen’s identity. On the request of competent authorities, a citizen is required to produce identification documents.

(2) In bourgeois civil law, legitimation is proof of a citizen’s right to receive payment or to perform an action, for example, a license to use a patent.

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82) The committee also proposed codification of the practice of recognizing the foreign-born nonmarital children of American fathers as citizens "provided the paternity is established during minority, by legitimation, or adjudication of a competent court.
In social reality, the mentioned legitimation practices might appear highly interconnected.
Research on the public police demonstrates how both accountability and expertise are pertinent to discussions of legitimation work and social media.
As observed, the delegitimation (DL) strategies (70%) outscored the legitimation (L) strategies (30%) The top four communication strategies used by the debate participants were: a) the delegitimation strategy of requesting a certain action from a macro-group (DLs3-Macro-Group)--31%; (b) the legitimation strategy of requesting a certain action for a macro-group (Ls3-Macro-Group)--21%; c) the delegitimation strategy of blame shifting on EU institutions (DLs2-EU institutions)--18%; d) the delegitimation strategy of blame shifting on a macro-group (DLs2-Macro-Group)--17%.
The First Amendment theory that Post articulates in Citizens Divided, with its focus on discursive democracy and democratic legitimation, is not entirely new.
Dismissing the legitimation exception to the Guyer rule was no small matter.
An examination of the annals of Sesostris I could usefully have complemented this section on sacred legitimation connected with the site of Heliopolis (see L.
The article then goes on to discuss therapeutic state legitimation and international therapeutic governance.
In this regard, each regime acquires and maintains its legitimacy through various means and by a never-ending process of legitimation.
The EU is the most advanced experiment in democracy beyond the nation-state (democracy is the legitimation principle of power, being the only morally sound principle for the legitimation of political domination, and relying on criteria that are derived from the nation-state).
Legitimation structures consist of the normative rules and moral obligations of a social system.
We use questions from the World Values Survey (WVS) and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) to approximate the social status, or legitimation, that societies attach to entrepreneurs, and we use the Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report (EFW) to measure the quality of the formal institutions that reward entrepreneurs with monetary profits.