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Obviously a lengthy custodial sentence will follow.
Commissioner told that development schemes for Rahim Yar Khan district include restoration of 20 kilometers lengthy road from Khanpur to Bagh-o-Bahar with a cost of Rs 259.
An investigation by DOT s Aviation Enforcement Office found that on January 2 into January 3, 2014, 16 Southwest flights experienced lengthy tarmac delays at Midway in excess of three hours.
Speaker Ishwar Das Rohani said the department officials should have consulted him before sending such a lengthy reply.
The four-year-old faces six rivals, one of which, the Jonathan Jay-trained Carlton Scroop, is also returning after a lengthy break of 275 days.
However, following the lengthy negotiations to reach this point it is also possible the final agreement may not come until later in the month.
This is not normally as lengthy or complicated a process as you fear.
The 20-year-old feared an operation and lengthy lay-off after suffering tendinitis in his right knee.
And football players at XYZ were able to handle the increased demands of playing lengthy seasons, even when those lengthy seasons conflicted with the final exam schedule, with no detriment in their grades.
After a lengthy federal investigation, the perpetrators were apprehended and tried for their crimes, giving occasion for journalist Matt Rasmussen to investigate the motivations of the ELF terrorists.
GOP lawmakers, for the most part, said they believe the media has hyped the role of religion in modern politics and said they see little noteworthy about lengthy House floor discussions about God.
I wonder why such lengthy deliberation was necessary.