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Mavis Leno has always been a feminist, but few causes ignited her passion more than this one.
They have, in effect, been stripped of all their rights as human beings,'' Mavis Leno said.
For the last few weeks, as (tonight-show-shakeup-nbc-grooms-younger-jimmy-fallon-media-finally-defends-jay-leno-1143331) rumors circulated that NBC wanted to push Leno out to make room for the younger Fallon, Leno had made frequent sport of hurling insults at his NBC bosses.
pagewanted=all) interview with the New York Times' Bill Carter on Wednesday, Leno downplayed those tensions, drawing contrast between his pending retirement and the 2010 debacle with Conan O'Brien.
When we spoke with Leno, he said that he has a guess about who made the engine, but hasn't checked the records of the Henry Ford Museum to see if he can confirm it.
A two-part video, for instance, shows Leno climbing under a 1906 Stanley Steamer racecar to light the pilot before he takes it for a drive--it appears that he takes all the vehicles for a spin.
Leno wasn't the only one embarrassed by the spectacle, which paled in comparison to celebrations seen around the world from Paris to London to Washington, D.
Mayor Richard Riordan and ``Tonight Show'' host Jay Leno appear at one of the city's lackluster events of Dec.
Leno will be honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in a performance by his fellow comedians Oct.
The Post reports that NBC is hoping to ease Leno out of the job so that it can present Fallon as "The Tonight Show's" new host in time for presentation to advertisers in May.
Leno hinted, ``Let's say you wanted to reform the government and you started a party.
I was with my friend Lorraine Schwartz, she's like one of the best jewelry designers," she told Leno.