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A loose-structured opening in the periderm beneath the stomata in the stem of many woody plants that facilitates gas transport.



a loose lens-shaped mass of cells in the periderm. Lenticels appear on the trunks of perennial limbs and, sometimes, on the roots of woody plants in the form of protuberances. Lenticel formation is activated by phellogen; the lenticels usually form beneath the stomata. Lenticels permit the exchange of gases.

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Table III: Impact of different practices on peel color, firmness and lenticels of mangoes at farm and retail
Due to the association between early dying symptoms in the field and postharvest lenticel rot symptoms, we decided to carefully examine the causal agents for both diseases.
In the 2000-01 growing season, however, incidence of bitter pit and lenticels blotch pit was inversely related to the number of Ca sprays (Figure 1).
Rhizophora mangle has stilt roots with lenticels on the surface through which air is absorbed and transported to submerged roots.
Lianas or scandent shrubs; branchlets cylindrical, striated, with lenticels, tomentose to glabrescent, without interpetiolar gland fields.
4 mm in diameter, surface papyraceous, glabrous, lenticels present, internodes 4.
Recent studies suggest that oxygen transport within natural corks occurs by diffusion through a gas phase in large spaces such as lenticels, plasmodesma-tas (microscopic channels that make the communication between cells) or inside of empty cells following the Fick's or Knudsen mechanisms.
Slender woody vine, the stem initially thinly sericeous with very short brown strongly appressed hairs, soon (already in first year) glabrescent and developing many large punctiform lenticels.
Their patent-pending, strike indicators show the beautiful lenticels (cracks and crevices) of natural cork and are lighter in weight, more buoyant than its composite counterpart.
2006), who observed that the CaCl2 uptake is mainly through the lenticels.