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A typeless language used to produce machine-independent software. LITTLE has been used to implement SETL.

"Guide to the LITTLE Language", D. Shields, LITTLE Newsletter 33, Courant Inst (Aug 1977).

What does it mean when you dream about being little?

Dreaming about being little can relate to childhood or to “feeling small.” Little also finds a place in numerous idioms, any one of which might indicate the meaning of one’s dream: “little by little,” a “little horror,” “too little too late,” “Oak trees grow from little acorns,” etc. (See also Shrink, Small).

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much less than] Picard Destroismaisons, Thomas-Ferruce [much greater than], p.
Seventy-two percent of patients achieved viral load outcomes that were less than or equal to their levels prior to interruption.
One less, one less problem One less, one less problem
Remember the pun "as time goes on the architect learns less and less about more and more?
Buyers of shredded scrap paid $7 per ton less on average in November, while prompt industrial No.
The bad news for recyclers who like high prices is that November marked the second straight month of mills paying less per ton.
Less grain and more grass would result in leaner meat and protect animals from illnesses caused by an unnatural, grain-laden diet.
The municipal, asset-backed and commercial mortgage debt markets may be less liquid by comparison.
Less light intensity is required for reflecting sensors than for penetrating ones, which require a receptor behind the subject to catch the light and create the image.
Residents of a Chicago housing project who lived near trees were more sociable, suffered less domestic violence, were less afraid of crime and more content with where they lived than those who didn't.
Current vegetarians were more likely to be Caucasian and less likely to have children at home.
It is common for infectious diseases to become less severe after they have been in a population for a long time.