letter box

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mail box

A multiple arrangement of boxes for receipt and/or distribution of mail at a central point in a building; mainly used in apartment or office buildings.
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Personalizing one's letter box provides the opportunity of evading the norms, the conventions, the prejudices.
Inside the attacked premises was the mother of a four-year-old child, who was woken by a sound from downstairs and saw something coming through her letter box.
With the post mounting up, it could have slid out of the letter box and anyone could have put their hand in and taken letters out.
This didn't stop the gathered gadgies - indeed the word 'till' must have stimulated a brain cell somewhere, and a shower of notes and coins began to pour through the letter box, along with more frantic pleading and begging.
Under its existing licence, Royal Mail is prevented from delivering to a neighbour if the recipient of the mail is not at home and the item is too large for the letter box.
Burglars can use any manner of things to hook keys, and other valuables through the letter box, or by reaching through the cat flap.
But not only will you win the bed set pictured (excluding headboard), you will also receive Letter box Flowers every month for a whole year, making the total value of this great prize pounds 2,000.
Two blue tits decided a letter box at Ty Coed at Greenwood Forest Park in Felinheli would make a much more comfortable nesting place for this year's chicks than the branches of a tree.
Residents have received a card through their letter box from a company called 'PDS', claiming they were unable to deliver a parcel, and asking the householder to call a premium rate number with anyone calling it charged up to pounds 15.
I am just back from visiting my sister in New Zealand and the letter box was jammed open with this rubbish.
He heard and saw a newspaper coming through the letter box which was alight,' said Ms Nixon.
The king-size candles - four inches high and two and a half inches in diameter - won't fit through the letter box.