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see louselouse,
common name for members of either of two distinct orders of wingless, parasitic, disease-carrying insects. Lice of both groups are small and flattened with short legs adapted for clinging to the host.
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Head lice policies are causing controversy throughout the country, as some districts abandon "no nit" rules that require sending home children who have nits (lice eggs) or live lice in their hair.
Over the years, lice have developed resistances to toxic pediculicides, which are the main ingredients in common over-the-counter lice remedies.
Beck reports that holidays where families gather such as Thanksgiving do increase the odds of passing along lice infestations.
The study suggested a perceived link between children congregating closely around smartphones and head lice, but it wasn't enough to draw a conclusion.
From common lice to super lice, Lice-Nil effectively eliminates both louse and nit, in just one 20-minute treatment.
In the last few years many people in America have had lice that don't respond to conventional insecticides.
99, good pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide NITTY GRITTY NITFREE COMB THIS nit-removal comb quickly and easily gets rid of all head lice, nits and even live eggs when the stainless steel MicroSpiral comb grooves slide through hair that's been coated with ordinary hair conditioner.
Official health advice is that if you spot head lice, there's no need to stay off work or school or wash clothing and laundry on a hot wash, as this is unlikely to be useful.
Apply the product as directed, and comb out dead lice over the next few days using a fine-toothed "nit comb" (some shampoos come with these--otherwise, buy one at the pharmacy).
Now many louse-fighting formulations here involve silicone oils to coat and kill lice by dehydration.
It comes with a user-friendly comb with a magnifier, which makes it easier to find the lice and comb the hair.
Lice can unexpectedly crash into your life and turn your whole world upside down.