licensed architect

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1. A person trained and experienced in the design of buildings and the coordination and supervision of all aspects of the construction of buildings.
2. A designation reserved, usually by law, for a person or organization professionally qualified and duly licensed to perform architectural services, including analysis of project requirements, creation and development of the project design, preparation of drawings, specifications, and bidding requirements, and general administration of the construction contract. An architect usually renders services that require the application of art, science, and the aesthetics of design to the construction of buildings, including their components and appurtenances and the spaces around them, taking into account the safeguarding of life, health, property, and public welfare; often includes consultation, evaluation, planning, the provision of preliminary studies, designs, and construction documents; and may also include construction management, and the administration of construction documents.
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Gamache is a licensed architect in Alaska, Hawaii, and recently licensed in the State of Washington.
There is a clause in the construction contract stating that one of the partners is a licensed architect, but no such service or liability is included in the construction agreement.
Unfortunately, the number of Black female licensed architects remains small--of the estimated 1,065 African-American licensed architects nation-wide, only 80 are women.
Even some of the ancillary and support professions such as nursing and paralegal positions make more money than licensed architects.
Tenders are invited for Hiring the professional services of MCGM Licensed Architect, Architectural firm for preparation of Drawings, Plans for submission to MCGM, Mumbai and obtaining the commencement and completion certificate for the project etc in connection with Construction of AIR Community, Educational and Training Centre at MSQ, AIR, Borivali, Mumbai Opening date : 04 Dec 2017
In 2016, the average age of a newly licensed architect was 32, an eight-month drop from the previous year.
Poellot is a licensed architect with 31 years of experience.
Schoenthal, a licensed architect, has 25 years of experience managing major design and construction projects in Alaska, Europe and Asia.
Postwar, he became a licensed architect in California and worked for Verge & Clatworthy, a firm in Los Angeles.
Its founder, Scott Davis, is both a licensed architect and general contractor.
When Curtis Moody, a licensed architect and owner of Moody/Nolan Ltd.
Bosak, a life member of PVA and a licensed architect with 29 years of experience in barrier-free design, has been elected vice chairman by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) A117.

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