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Carefully folding the life preserver after flight and putting it into a dedicated package such as a one-gallon zipper lock bag helped protect it against damage.
When thinking about the life preserver example above, does that make any sense to you?
Referring to Diagram l-A and aligning corners, position pink waves print A on pink life preserver print 6 1/2" square.
Bottom line: no matter what the water sport may be, wear a life preserver.
As life preservers go, it's not very impressive - just big enough to keep a sinking county's nose above water.
Every day he oversaw the packing of 40-to-50 life preservers and life rafts, and he was CDQAR for many of them.
Auctioneers are expecting a "huge amount" of interest for what they say is the "most important life preserver in any private or public collection".
Stand-ins for traditional hall passes include a life preserver, rubber snakes and alligators, a shoe, a wooden apple, a magic wand, and even a doll named Igor.
As someone who has been jailed for contempt of court for refusing to cough up sources, albeit for only five days, I must agree with Bob Zelnick's take in your story ("Waivering," February/March), "a request for a waiver [is] 'a functional betrayal of the source and the relationship, and I am disheartened to see how many of my colleagues have rushed to this little life preserver at the expense of their sources.
One clue to her mode of departure might be the nearby boat emblazoned with a cheerful floral motif more often applied to pricey handbags and fitted with a life preserver bearing the iconic LV monogram.
Only one other person is known to have survived a plunge over the Canadian falls without a barrel or other contraption: a seven-year-old boy wearing a life preserver who had been thrown into the water in a 1960 boating accident.
According to Steven Murphy, Softek's president and CEO, "Softek is throwing an application availability life preserver to businesses that were 'voted off' the BMC Software storage management island.