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Life-cycle management systems developed in a vacuum or those with only one information discipline focus will not flourish in today's information age.
She has 14 years information management experience and specializes in enterprise electronic records management, information and knowledge life-cycle management, and metadata development and standardization.
Like Epicor, Microsoft has a top score in software life-cycle ownership experience, and very high scores in regard to strategy.
Elsinore's solution enables our mutual customers to effectively manage issues throughout the development life-cycle.
The improved application life-cycle support in Visual Studio "Whidbey" will assist Elsinore in building its future product line, the Elsinore Methodology Management Framework.
TransACT further extends the product life-cycle management capabilities of Duck Creek's Microsoft-based platform by offering Web-enabled policy administration for any line of business.
Platform product life-cycle management software products.
A new version of the LPD Navigator, NAVX, provides a Java- and XML-based Web interface that gives access to design, construction and life-cycle configuration management data.
Companies must be able to manage the entire life-cycle of the submission, which means that as the product develops documentation changes frequently and all these changes must be tracked and reported to the regulatory agencies.
With our solution life-cycle management, SAP has brought together all the elements necessary to continuously generate value across the entire life cycle of an e-business solution," said Gerhard Oswald, member of the executive board of SAP AG.
The need to adapt to ever-changing environments and patron needs is verified by Majaro (1993) who notes that "all the evidence seems to suggest that product life-cycles are becoming shorter and shorter" (p.