lifelong learning

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lifelong learning

part of the UK NEW LABOUR education agenda. This broad policy can be traced back to ‘lifetime learning’, originally proposed by the Conservative government (DFEE 1996). It stems from the conviction that a post-industrial society requires a more highly educated and skilled workforce, with greater flexibility; that a KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY requires higher levels of education (although this has been disputed – see CREDENTIALISM). A further assumption is workers must be prepared for more frequent CAREER changes as lifelong careers can no longer be expected. see also LEARNING SOCIETY.

A distinction can be drawn between ‘mature students’ entering education for the first time (an aspect of WIDENING PARTICIPATION – see also ACCESS) and those learners who are already well-qualified who are updating their knowledge, skills and qualifications (i.e. professional development).

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We believe it encompasses the best of both worlds by providing answers to their immediate information needs, and the opportunity for continued growth and development of their lifelong learning skills.
Mrs Liddell, speaking at a COSLA conference in Stirlingshire on lifelong learning, said:
main goal and objective for the Sharon Lifelong Learning Council's is to help people to think beyond schools as a place where learning can occur.
However, there is the additional problem of a lack of training for leaders and managers, although a few lifelong learning providers are beginning to address this issue well.
For further information on the open day, phone 024 7679 5059 or email lifelong learning.
The outcomes of the intensive two-day event will help the European Commission to develop its whole Lifelong Learning programme up to the year 2013.
Kentish Lifelong Learning Centre has proven to be diverse and respected in the Territory and this rating will help families make informed choices about the education and care of their children, Mrs Finocchiaro said.
There are partnerships with senior living communities which offer lifelong learning to residents at their communities while also expanding lifelong learning opportunities to the general public.
The university also bring in practitioner tutors from across the region, all Associate Lecturers in the School of Lifelong Learning.
One of the sessions will be held at Glamorgan's Swalec Stadium and the 10-week course will begin on Thursday, May 1, from 7pm-9pm at Cardiff University's Centre for Lifelong Learning.
The 10-week course will begin on Thursday, May 1 from 7pm-9pm at Cardiff University's Centre for Lifelong Learning, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff.
In early 2009, the Josiah Macy Foundation (JMF) funded a consensus panel led by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) to explore mutual interests related to lifelong learning, interprofessional education, and continuing education, as well as workplace and point-of-care learning.

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