lift platform

elevator car platform

The structure which forms the floor of an elevator car and directly supports the load.
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Contract notice: placing 2 lifts and a lift platform - compliance metal handrails on stairs inside.
3m boom offers well-rounded performance featuring strong lifting capacities and aerial lift platform floor height of 45.
Putzmeister's new MIN ELI FT 4 scissor lift platform has a lifting height of 4 m (13 ft) and 4-metric ton capacity, providing a mobile and secure working platform for load and personnel lifting.
Capable of lifting 1,000-pound loads, the lift 10 x 12-foot lift platform rises up 6 feet.
The GLP platform is located near the new gas lift platform in Salman field.
Thorworld's product range includes dock shelters & seals, dock levellers, dock plates & boards, dock & vehicle bumpers, wheel chocks, vehicle restraints and modular loading platforms, together with a selection of mobile yard ramps--available for purchase or rental on a sale or return basis through the company's RentARamp operation--as well as the Truckloada mobile yardlift and the Dockloada scissor lift platform.
The programmable lift platform (PLP) has been developed to improve flexibility in car plants to cut costs.
Paisley fire station, in Renfrewshire, was due to get a custom built Aerial Lift Platform to replace an old vehicle in May.
Featuring an 8 x 8 power lift platform, adjustable incline/flat/ shoulder-press bench with wheels, chin ups, and weight storage racks, the product also offers an optional school logo.
The module consists of a structural steel frame, a wigwag pendulum basket driven by a variable speed AC motor, two independent press-down devices and a hydraulic lift platform.
The user drives the scooter onto a lift platform with rails that fit the tire pattern of the scooter (two rails for a four-wheel scooter, three rails for a three-wheel scooter).
First, if you have an actuator that is on your lift platform, do not use the lift to bridge a curb unless you have at least half of the lift platform on the curb.