lift shaft

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A passage through which an object may be raised; for example, an elevator shaft.
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The site behind the Baltic Fleet pub sat derelict for years after a previous building project stalled leaving its lift shafts and concrete skeleton exposed.
James Merritt had been inspecting the lift shaft at Telent Technologies Services when he was found with serious head injuries on October 11 last year.
The two men, who ran Cardiff Drilling and Sawing Ltd together, were asked to work on cutting through walls next to an old lift shaft so the building could be extended.
Paramedics reported that the woman had tried to use the lift at the store on Solihull High Street in the West Midlands but fell when she stepped into the lift shaft and found nothing there.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "Ambulance staff were told that the woman in her 20s had tried to use the lift but when she stepped into the lift shaft there was nothing there and she fell approximately 25 feet to the bottom of the shaft.
Official documents show the victim was employed on a newly-constructed Ajman building when he fell down the lift shaft on the 21st floor and plunged to the ground.
A West Midlands Fire Service spokesman said: "The firefighter fell eight metres down a lift shaft and was given first aid at the scene.
He added that it looks like someone had taken the cash out of it and then chucked it into a lift shaft to hide it.
Elizabeth Young plunged 10ft down a broken lift shaft at Heathdale Care Home in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside.
We made the decision that the selected tower crane must have high speed and lifting capacity of more than 5 Mt and should be able to climb within the available lift shaft.
Summary: A car has fallen more than eight metres down a lift shaft in Manhattan.
In the field of indoor propagation, lift shaft and its associated lift car have been identified as a radio frequency (RF) harsh propagation environment for communication system planning [1].