lifting beam


A frame attached to the back of a concrete form to stiffen or reinforce it.
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An offshore lifting beam for wind farm pylons at Dawson's Wharf
It took place when a faulty lifting beam of the aluminium silo, which weighs 12-tonnes, fell on the worker.
com)-- Sheffield based Rotary Engineering UK Ltd has today announced being commissioned by Brookfield Multiplex Construction Ltd to design and supply a set of magnets on a 15m adjustable lifting beam.
Robert Dunroe, 62, from New Ferry, Wirral, was operating the truck at the Cammell Laird shipyard in August 2010 when he was crushed against a lifting beam used on a crane.
The load handler stores and retrieves loads by traveling horizontally along the lifting beam, which moves up and down to the correct storage position.
The trusses are supported off the massive external limestone masonry walls, the north wall supporting the lifting beam.
The backhoe was fitted with both a lifting beam to control the pipe placement and a push ring to uniformly load the pipe end during insertion.
Augmenting equipment utilization and labor efficiency in plant or job site settings, the manufacturer has developed a series of stationary or mobile block-handling components: CL80 Clamp and BT2500 Block Turner, plus CLA Lifting Beam, LTM Lift-and-Turn Mechanism, and R1900 Hydraulic Rotator Lift.
After draining the water, slings and a lifting beam hoisted the submarine onto the trailer.
Tenders are invited for Repair, strengthening of stop log units - 6 intermediate, 1 bottom for fish lock bays, lifting beam - 2 nos.
Tenders are invited for Repair And Strengthening Of Stop Log Units, 6 Intermediate And 1 Bottom For Fish Lock Bays, Lifting Beam 2 Nos.