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Compared with people receiving green light, those getting the same intensity of blue light became more alert and less drowsy--4.
When I read that, I thought: That is what Jesus Christ is to us, and that is what separates his light from all the other lights in our lives.
The dental assistant should be using a curing radiometer to check the light periodically, especially if it is an older model.
One key consideration, however, is that soft, natural light should mimic moonlight in your yard.
Einstein discovered that light only behaves like waves.
Space has tonality, and I imagine myself composing a space, lofty, vaulted or under a dome, attributing to it a sound character alternating with the tones of the space, narrow and high, with graduating silver, light to darkness.
On a bright day, a person entering the building from outdoors might have to stop and wait up to 90 seconds for his or her eyes to adjust to the lower light levels indoors.
The Solite pagoda-style four-watt fluorescent light (approximately $60) uses a solar ceil and a NiCad battery; it switches on automatically to produce up to six hours of light each night.
The percentage of work trips taken in the Portland area by light rail and buses actually dropped by 23.
The Aeon products bring the newly developed, virtually heatless light into the home for use in closets, cabinet interiors and under cabinet lighting for kitchen counters.
Incandescent bulbs, including halogen types, are energy hogs: Typically emitting as light only 5 percent of the energy they use, they convert the rest to heat.
Decorative or accent light is just that - small but brilliant points of light that are pleasing to the eye and add sparkle to the room.