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moored vessel bearing lights and other signal devices to guide ships and warn of hazards to navigation. Lightships are generally stationed at points where a lighthouse cannot be erected; they are given distinctive features (e.g., high bows, special coloring) so as to be readily distinguishable from other vessels, and they have strong hulls, able to withstand consistent pressures. The first lightship in the United States was posted in 1820 (in the Elizabeth River, near Norfolk, Va.). Afterward, for a time, lightships proliferated; but their number has steadily decreased since the end of World War I. They are costly to staff and maintain, and various engineering developments, such as the construction of large radio buoys, have helped to reduce the need for them. Shortly before World War II all U.S. lightships were placed under the control of the U.S. Coast Guard.


A distinctively marked vessel anchored or moored at a charted point, to serve as an aid to navigation.


a ship equipped as a lighthouse and moored where a fixed structure would prove impracticable


An early family of client/server tools for analyzing data from multidimensional databases from Pilot Software, Cambridge, MA (, a pioneer in the OLAP database field. LightShip included tools for financial modeling, budgeting and consolidation of large databases. It provided Windows-based point-and-click reporting, a full programming language for advanced users, and support for all the popular databases.
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The Lightship is able to broadcast a multitude of media from live television and streaming video, to Web sites and static images and offers vibrant full-color clarity.
Lightship needed a convergent billing system, one that could add new services easily, change existing services and initiate new promotions, such as cross-product discounting.
Set in Ireland during the early 1990s, The Blackwater Lightship follows the emotionally insular Helen as she temporarily leaves her husband and two sons to tend her younger brother, Declan, who is dying of AIDS complications.
The project is the brainchild of ex-Radio Caroline broadcaster John Dwyer, of Wallasey, aided by Merseyside DJ Terry Lennaine and lightship owner Alan Roberts.
A campaign has been launched to save the lightship from closure, with more than 500 people signing an online petition.
Planet's new owners, Alan Roberts, Sharon Sarsfield, Tom and Angela Surtees, all from Halewood, boarded the lightship last Thursday to receive the keys from former owner, Gary McClarnan, a Manchester music entrepreneur.
Utilizing an array of LEDs (light emitting diodes) the lightship features the world's largest 70' x 30' aerial television screen.
The Lightship Group, a subsidiary of American Blimp Corporation, announced today its new A-170 Video Lightsign airship.
The Planet lightship will be branded as Caroline with a 30fthigh lattice mast erected and a studio installed from March 24.
This will enable all those with an interest in this 50-year-old lightship - that has been in service as a floating Christian centre for the past two decades - to draw up plans for its future.
The two couples from Halewood formed a new company, LV23 Planet Bar, to operate the 1960- built lightship as a tourist attraction in her high-profile Canning Dock berth, alongside The Strand.
Lightship Telecom, a New Hampshire-based integrated communications provider, has implemented SMS 2.