linear type

linear type

1. <theory, programming> An attribute of values which are used exactly once: they are neither duplicated nor destroyed. Such values require no garbage collection, and can safely be updated in place, even if they form part of a data structure.

Linear types are related to the linear logic of J.-Y Girard. They extend Schmidt's notion of single threading, provide an alternative to Hudak and Bloss' update analysis, and offer a practical complement to Lafont and Holmstr?m's elegant linear languages.

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The MP Scale is offered in two types: a linear type for linear position detection, and a rotary type for angle detection.
There are two types of encoders: a linear type that responds to motion along a path and a rotary type that responds to rotational motion.
Linear type traits describe biological extremes for a range of visual characteristics of an animal.
The observations are best fitted by a linear type light curve, with the comet becoming brightest some six weeks after perihelion.
Of those defects, 55%, 45%, and 23% were plane or swale, pit, and linear type, respectively.
NTN will also showcase its latest hub bearings, drive shafts and linear type electric actuators.
Also, because mixed media utilization with state-of-the-art tape technology such as Linear Type Open (LTO) Ultrium and DLT, they protect the users' investments while providing superior capability.
While a linear type of messaging system may work for math, it would not support the teaching style needed for a philosophy class.
The linear type is formulated for use with just linear material models, the hyperelastic is able to use the Mooney-Rivlin and Ogden equations for rubber problems.
2008), when selection for linear type traits is associated with production traits, greater economic efficiency can be expected.
The scope of supply does not apply AFL6-70 wire, insulators 8-24 LWP linear type and the type of LP 60 / 5U.

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