linen pattern

linenfold, linen pattern, linen scroll

A form of carved paneling representing a symmetrical fold or scroll of linen.
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By drawing from their respective disciplines, the partners created an original material, Linen Concrete, a decorative wall panel for interiors that merges the look and feel of molded concrete with an inlaid linen pattern.
Etoile Platinum is bordered by a pearlescent white linen pattern with three rows of glossy white stitches interspersed with dots.
Premium Linen is a bolder, heavier linen pattern popular for
The success of a licensed table linen pattern depends on how well the dinnerware pattern is received," Binder said.
Abigail, a tone-on-tone floral in a muted, golden brown coloration * Linweave, a printed linen look solid in a natural colorway * Athena, a khaki green floral print on a neutral linen pattern "These looks are a little different than what's on the market currently, because they look more like indoor fabrics.
The in-store signage for Kmart's holiday program features four dinnerware patterns and four table linen patterns, but additional colors and fabrics will be available.
There are three table linen patterns that fit the bill: Palanquin, Shanghai and Talisman.
Palais Royal will be introducing 33 new bed linen patterns, on prints and jacquards, and 21 new bath linen patterns.
Ten bed linen patterns are stocked--two from the Home Fashions group, two from Fieldcrest and six that Ambroze put together from Waverly archives.