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Tenders are invited for Replacement of lining plate of pre-weigh hopper of silo-1 - a side of rajmahal chp
We had to design the system accordingly by using 20,1/2-foot-long lining plates for the required horizontal clearance and strong triple rail with large bracing for the 15-foot cantilever required under the bottom brace of the system.
Magnetic ball mill lining plates have been granted two state-issued patents and are now in use in more than 100 balls mills in China, at operations such as the iron ore mines of Waitoushan, in Liaoning Province, Shirengou, Hebei Province and Wuyang, Henan Province, as well as the Wulong gold mine in Liaoning.
The operating principle of these lining plates is that particles of ore and the balls of the grinding media are attracted onto the liner plates and gradually form a protective layer.
Lighter weight - Due to the thinner lining plates and the fact that fastening bolts are not used, the weight of the magnetic plate lining is 40-50% of that of the manganese steel liner, reducing the necessary power for the ball mill by 6-10%
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Wci Lining Plates.
5 / 50 : - Construction of a crossing in rubber lining plates (type STRAIL) : - Supply and installation of conduits, : - Supply and installation of concrete curbs, : - Supply and installation of flooring in concrete pavers and concrete slabs, : - Placing a gravel foundation, : - Construction of hydrocarbon pavement, : - Supply and installation of drainage trench, : - Discharging (whether or not containing tar) KWS-hardening, : - Placement, maintenance and removal of wegomleggingsignalisatie, : - Break out and replacing crossings, : - Maintenance of the new crossing during the guarantee period.
Installation of external tendons with Umlenkkonstruktionen of steel on the longitudinal beams of the superstructure including anchoring behind EndquertrEngern, making excavation, demolition of reinforced concrete, manufacture of flutes behind the abutments reinforced concrete, raising the superstructure to the abutment North and installation of lining plates of the bearings, renewal of transition structures, concrete repair work, covering work bridge, traffic safety and scaffolding work, road construction in service areas