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The District of Columbia, for example, requires all small groups to get their health coverage from the DC Health Link exchange, and that exchange provides health benefits coverage for members of Congress and some of the lawmakers' aides.
The new mutually beneficial link exchange directory will provide online businesses with a broader suite of no-cost marketing solutions and enable them to enjoy greater exposure on the Web.
In the District of Columbia, for example, companies that sell dental insurance and vision insurance, but not major medical coverage, have complained about the district taxing them to pay for exchange operations even though the DC Health Link exchange does not let them sell products through the exchange.
com)-- SEO 5 Consulting is now announcing the start of a new promising addition to their Consulting Services, a Link Exchange SEO Program for local businesses based in California.
ADI and Idealergroup signed a marketing and Web site link exchange agreement in April.
The District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority, the parent of the DC Health Link exchange, limits access to the exchange to sellers of major medical coverage and dental insurance.
The Automotive Dealership Institute and Northwood University have agreed to academic credit and Web site link exchange programs, effective immediately.
The District of Columbia's DC Health Link exchange covers thousands of members of Congress and congressional aides, but HHS is showing that exchange had official plan selection information for only 2,069 people by Dec.
Health Benefit Exchange Authority is trying to further expand the base of support for its locally run DC Health Link exchange, by imposing an assessment on insurers that sell all types of health-licensed products in that market, including many products that cannot be sold through the exchange.
In addition to Janet Trautwein, NAHU's chief executive officer, the list of speakers includes Mila Kofman, the executive director of the District of Columbia's DC Health Link exchange -- which serves members of Congress and many of their aides; Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute; Sharon Day, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee; and Rep.
District of Columbia: The DC Health Link exchange said consumers submitted 1,112 applications for individual coverage during the first week of operations, including 517 applications from consumers who aren't expecting Medicaid coverage or subsidies and 595 from consumers who hope to qualify for Medicaid or subsidies.