linoleum block printing

linoleum block printing



20th-century development in the art of relief cuts. The linoleum block consists of a thin layer of linoleum mounted on wood; in this the design to be printed is cut in the same manner as for a woodcutwoodcut and wood engraving,
prints made from designs cut in relief on wood, in contrast to copper or steel engraving and etching (which are intaglio).
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. The advantage of linoleum cuts lies in the softness of the material and the consequent ease with which it can be cut, but linoleum is not so suitable for fine lines as wood, nor can as many prints be produced. The process has been used widely in textile printing and in grade-school art classes. It is especially suitable for bold, decorative designs. Matisse's linocut illustrations for Montherlant's Pasiphaë (1944) show great sensitivity of handling.


See J. Elam, Introducing Linocuts (1969).

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Bearden's involvement with printmaking began in 1933 with a class in linoleum block printing at NYU, and resurfaced around 1964, when he was introduced to the intaglio process, which he continued with passion throughout his long and prolific artistic career.
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After the students' completed the acetate etching project, they prepared for linoleum block printing by going to the Indiana University greenhouse to study and sketch a variety of interesting plant shapes including large leafed tropical plants, cacti and seasonal potted plants.
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