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lip reading,

method by which the deaf are able to read the speech of others from the movements of the lips and mouth. It is sometimes referred to as speech reading, which technically also includes the reading of facial expressions and body language. Lip reading is a medium of education in many schools for deaf children (see deafnessdeafness,
partial or total lack of hearing. It may be present at birth (congenital) or may be acquired at any age thereafter. A person who cannot detect sound at an amplitude of 20 decibels in a frequency range of from 800 to 1,800 vibrations per second is said to be hard of
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). It came into wide use after World War IWorld War I,
1914–18, also known as the Great War, conflict, chiefly in Europe, among most of the great Western powers. It was the largest war the world had yet seen.
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 in the rehabilitation of shell-shocked, or otherwise deafened, soldiers.


See publications of the National Association of Hearing and Speech Agencies (formerly American Hearing Society); O. M. Wyatt, Teach Yourself Lip-Reading (1961, repr. 1969); E. Hazard, Lipreading for the Oral Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Person (1971); J. Jeffers, Speechreading (1971).

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ITV's Official Royal Wedding Lip Reader reports that the Duke of Edinburgh has told the Queen that he wishes the Archbishop of Canterbury had "got his bloody hair cut.
As to what was Bush's reply, according to the Sun, the lip reader said: "So relieved.
And you don't need to be an adept lip reader to pick out examples of the English version using colourful language towards Poll in that same Old Trafford clash earlier this season.
Krayzelburg didn't have to be a lip reader to know she was saying, ``What's wrong with you?
He hooked defender Scott Wilson after only six minutes and I would have loved to have been a lip reader as Wilson headed for the dressing room.
ITV News used the services of a lip reader ( who told them she said: "I love the uniform.
Sunday Mirror Sport can reveal United used a lip reader in a bid to show Rooney did not use abusive language before deciding not to launch an appeal because Nielsen had compromised their case by going public.
You don't need to be a mind reader -or a lip reader for that matter -to work out what was going on.
6 million raid at Heathrow Airport were jailed yesterday after being caught with the help of a lip reader.
The Lip Reader'': George enlists a lip reader (Marlee Matlin) to learn why his girlfriend dumped him.
But Lennon adds: "One of the more bizarre interventions came from the normally sensible Rangers Supporters Trust who paid a lip reader to 'prove' that I had called the fans 'Orange b***' during the game.
The BBC claim to have employed an Italian lip reader and say after Matterazi ordered Zidane to calm down, Zidane said something back (unknown), Matterazi then said he was a "liar" and the final insult was wishing Zidane an "ugly death on you and your family".