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sweet gum

sweet gum

Tree up to 120 ft (40m) with very pointy-looking maple-type leaves that smell like pine when rubbed. Fruits are strange spiky balls (not edible). Bark is the part you want- it has a resinous gum in it’s cracks, and is chewed like chewing gum (similar to pine resin) Contains Shikimic acid, which stops flu viruses from reproducing- highest levels in infertile seeds (the yellow ones without wings). B-vitamins, colds, throat, bowel/colon, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, ringworm. Expectorant (helps clear mucus), anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Inner bark and resin are used. If no resin is seen, cut to the inner bark and let sap run out and harden. The leaves have been used also, but are high in tannins. Best to soak several times or steam them to help remove tannins.



a genus of plants of the family Hamamelida-ceae (sometimes attributed to the family Altingiaceae). They are tall deciduous trees with palmatilobate leaves. The small flowers, which are diclinous and lack perianths, are gathered into heads. There are five or six species, distributed in North and South America and in Asia. These trees all exude an aromatic balsam called storax when their bark is damaged. The storax obtained from Liquidambar orientalis and sweet gum (L. styraciflua) is used commercially. Both of these species, which are ornamental, are cultivated on the Black Sea Shore of the Caucasus.

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El cuento concluye cuando la protagonista cree que su vecino busca su mirada entre las hojas del liquidambar.
De las especies que fueron encontradas por Castillo (1991), estan Carpinus caroliniana, Clethra mexicana, Liquidambar macrophylla, Meliosba alba, Ostrya virginiana, Styrax glabrescens, Ulmus mexicana, Rapanea myticoides, Rhamnus capreafolia y Turpinia insignis.
Es importante destacar que las principales especies arboreas, como Liquidambar styraciflua, Quercus germana, Q.
Al respecto, Liquidambar styraciflua es una especie que se reproduce vegetativamente y por semilla; en consecuencia, se comporta como una especie pionera en la sucesion secundaria, que depende de las condiciones de humedad y temperatura y podria ser la mas indicada para iniciar este proceso de recuperacion.
Rare at the base of Liquidambar styraciflua (#2066).
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Sweetgum, sap gum, red gum, alligator-tree, alligator wood, hazel pine, incense tree, liquidambar, satin walnut and star-leaved gum
Sapium should also be able to exist in the middle-to-high moisture range of Liquidambar and N.
Un arbol gigantesco y maravilloso, parecido al liquidambar, el tronco liso y moteado, sus ramas largas y fuertes extendidas como brazos en el cielo, llenas de hojas verdes y claras, en forma de mano.