liquified petroleum gas

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liquified petroleum gas (LPG)

A petroleum derivative, primarily butane and propane, stored under pressure to maintain its liquid state; used as a fuel for heating and cooking.
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With such an acquisition, Petrobras, one of the country's four top oil-product distributors--along with Royal Dutch Shell Group, Chevron Texaco, and the Companhia Brasileira de Petroleo Ipiranga--could increase its share of the oil-product distribution market and make vertical its liquified petroleum gas production activities, Dutra says.
According to CAP Commercial Vehicle Monitor, the industrystandard forecasting tool for future residual values, the best used prices achievable by vans running on Liquified Petroleum Gas are unlikely to exceed petrol variants.
According to CAP, the best used prices achievable by vans running on liquified petroleum gas are unlikely to better petrol variants.
A storage tank leaked 10,000 litres of liquified petroleum gas at Middlemarch Business Park, near Toll Bar island, at about 6.
Calor Gas have more than sixty years' experience as the UK's leading supplier of liquified petroleum gas, and staff from the company will be on hand throughout the show to offer advice and explain the benefits of running forklift trucks on the fuel.
The Secretaria de Energia (SE) has announced steps to prevent a shortage of liquified petroleum gas (LPG), similar to the shortage that developed in late December and continued into mid-January.
VAUXHALL executive Malcolm Noyle was delighted when Chancellor Gordon Brown increased petrol and diesel taxes in his last Budget - and cut the duty on green fuels like liquified petroleum gas (lpg) and compressed natural gas (cng) by 29 per cent.
We take trucks out of service that are missing a brake and that are carrying liquified petroleum gas or anhydrous ammonia,' Touchard says.
During tests, significant amount of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) were discovered with flow rates of 21 million cubic feet of gas and 2,520 barrels of oil per day at choke size of 40/64 at well head flowing pressure of 3,768 psi, besides 50 tonnes of Liquified Petroleum Gas.
Meanwhile, the price of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and kerosene are also frozen for 15 days.
A report by the daily Sunstar Zamboanga City said authorities are looking at the possibility that the blast and fire were caused by a liquified petroleum gas tank that exploded in the kitchen.
15pm yesterday afternoon after the man fell from the Harlequin, a liquified petroleum gas (LPG) carrier.