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2 Definition of Fuzzy and Neutrosophic Logical Connectives (Operations Logic):
An atomic proposition is one which does not include any logical connectives, such as 'and' or 'if .
The truth-functional logical connectives are literally functions.
the graphic, the sign-chart, and the logical connectives method.
Then the metaphysical issues contained in the logical connectives are "hidden" in the logical calculus and go unquestioned (91-92).
Sher's remarks about the truth-functional criterion for logical connectives are similarly irrelevant to my criticisms.
It covers the syntax and semantics of LORA, presents some derived logical connectives used in the remainder of the book, and establishes some properties of the logic.
The logical connectives and and or, symbolically represented as [conjunction] and [disconjunction], respectively, have very specific meanings in mathematics.
There is also an interesting discussion of the nature of the logical connectives and intuitionist logic.
Logical connectives, mainly conjunctions and adverbial and prepositional phrases, help readers interpret pragmatic connections between ideas by signaling additive, resultative, and contrastive relations in the writer's thinking.
Thus there is no room for additional logical connectives.
With the authors' leave, this reviewer places Urquhart's semi-lattice semantics in the area of Kripke-style semantics in that the mechanisms of the semantics bear little direct relationship to the logical connectives of implicational relevance logic in the sense that an algebraic semantics containing a Lindenbaum algebra as a model would contain this direct relationship.