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An air-intercept code meaning, “Fly for best endurance.” Also called loiter.
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Other sources credit it with a 21-kW Cuyuna engine, a loiter speed of 145 km/h and an endurance of eight hours.
Here's how we train for emergencies during loiter operations.
2 : to dawdle on the way to somewhere <Don't loiter on your way home.
Louts can infringe our right to a peaceful community, yet we can't infringe their right to loiter.
To measure how long light pulses loiter, the team split a 150-fs infrared laser pulse into two pulses and sent each along a different path to the same detector.
as well as the ability to loiter for two hours over a target up to 1,000 nmi away.
To loiter with intent might be a crime, and this lively account of the literature of loitering is anything but, unless the intent is to elude intent.