Sir Charles Bell

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Bell, Sir Charles,

1774–1842, Scottish anatomist and surgeon. He became professor of anatomy and surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, in 1824 and was professor of surgery at the Univ. of Edinburgh from 1836. He was the first to distinguish between the motor and the sensory functions of the nerves; this work was confirmed and elaborated by Magendie in 1822. Among Bell's works is The Nervous System of the Human Body (1830).


See his letters (ed. by his wife, 1870); biographies by E. Bramwell (1935) and Sir Gordon Gordon-Taylor and E. W. Walls (1958).

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Furthermore, other potential causes of a winged scapula such as long thoracic nerve neuropathy, accessory nerve lesion, neuralgic amyotrophy, C7 radiculopathy, and progressive muscular dystrophy were excluded by ENMG.
One patient with meningitis exhibited apparent, isolated, long thoracic nerve weakness with scapular winging and shoulder abduction weakness but without additional limb involvement.
Compressive neuropathy of long thoracic nerve and accessory nerve secondary to heavy load bearing.