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a script used for business purposes, to speed the process of writing. Cursive originated and came into wide use when writing was first applied to economic, administrative, diplomatic, and other practical purposes. The script is characterized mainly by the uninterrupted motion of the pen in the tracing of the letters. Greek cursive was used from the second century B.C. to the seventh century A.D., and Latin cursive, from the second century B.C. to the sixth century A.D. In Rus’, Cyrillic cursive is found in documents dating to the 14th century.

Russian paleography distinguishes the following principal types of cursive scripts on the basis of graphic features: northeastern, or Muscovite, cursive (15th to 17th and early 18th centuries), western, or Byelorussian (Vilnius), cursive (15th and 16th centuries), and southwestern, or Kievan, cursive (17th century). The Muscovite cursive served as the basis of the civil typeface.


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She wrote longhand, straight into spiral-bound notebooks she got from a stationer in Edinburgh.
Although a well-equipped office probably included a typewriter, most reports were written in longhand.
In those days I wrote everything in longhand and paid someone to type it for me.
Some of these software systems output the longhand method but not the canned cycle routine.
The third picture, of two men with a safety crane used in some quarries, also features tools such as a carpenter's brace, longhand led hammers and callipers and plane which suggest the people in the picture were possibly fitters or joiners.
She wrote it in her inimitable cursive longhand as taught by the public-school systems back in that other millennium.
It was in the year 2000 that some person unknown--or at least nominally unrevealed--walked into the British Library bearing under his, or her, arm a full longhand transcript of Trial Number One.
There's something about writing longhand for me," she said, "that enhances the creativity.
It was written in longhand with pen on loose pages of blank paper that the family was allowed to give him during visits at the prison.
As the longhand is transformed into typescript and then into galley proofs and the printed page, it seems increasingly to resist improvement.
EBONY: Do you write in longhand or do you use a computer?
Two weeks before the initial consult, his office sent me in the mail a medical records update--four pages to be completed in longhand.