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, common name for some members of the Cucurbitaceae, a family of plants whose range includes all tropical and subtropical areas and extends into the temperate zones.
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In addition, we have heard indications that loofa is an herbal remedy in some tropical regions.
We have been growing loofa (or luffa) sponges for about five years.
4) Roughly every three months I purchase the following: a face cream, a beauty bar, two body lotions, talcum powder, sun block, disposable razors, a multivitamin, deodorant, mouthwash, dental floss, a loofa, a pumice stone, toothpaste and brushes, contact lens fluids, shampoo and conditioners, a temporary colorant, cream bleach, astringent, assorted cosmetics, cotton balls, Q-tips, and feminine protection.
In honor of an employee fighting breast cancer, the company launched a Breast Cancer Awareness Loofa dog toy, and donates to breast cancer research; the yellow ribbon "Support Our Troops" Loofa dog toy works to raise awareness for the military working dog.
The Loofa head is a plush dog toy with crinkle material.
Bath puffs, oval loofa pads, face mitts, organic cotton rounds, nail files, back scratchers, sponges, travel kits, thermometers, hand-sanitizing spray, pedometers, contact lens cases and latex gloves were some of the item on hanging displays.
In addition to raising money to fight breast cancer, the company has expanded its philanthropic efforts with a Support our Troops version of its popular loofa toy, which is covered in camouflage fabric with a yellow ribbon.
based pet toys and treats manufacturer, has created the Pink Ribbon Loofa Dog.
Multipet has specially produced a "Support Our Troops" Loofa dog toy.